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Affordable Housing Solutions

HUD 202 Subsidized Housing Units, Availble Units.

HUD Section 202 Subsidized Housing Units Available. 

The Following Communities Have Vacancies:
The Pearl on Oyster Bay is a new development which has just started to take applications. 

The Pearl on Oyster Bay
550 Russell Road
Bremerton, Wash. 98312

The community is built on a beautiful portion of the Bay Vista Sub-Area Plan redevelopment area. The community will offer 80 one-bedroom (approximately 540 square foot) apartments for very low income elderly households that contain at least one household member aged 62 or older. The leasing process has begun. Applications are currently being accepted.    see more (click) 
Anciano Tower Section 202 Subsidized Housing Unit Available for Lease

 Anciano Tower                    227 N. Ute Avenue
Montrose, CO, 81401

Anciano Tower is an affordable, older adult (62+) community with several apartments equipped to accommodate those who are mobility impaired. 

Located in a quaint, small community surrounded by the Colorado mountains, Anciano Tower is close to a post office, shopping, and medical facilities.
see more (click)
Heartland 607 N Hightower St. Peoria, IL, 61605

Heartland 607 N Hightower St.
Peoria, IL, 61605

The Heartland is a beautiful, three-story, retirement community located in the heart of Peoria, Illinois.  The community consists of 150 apartments for older adults.  Located two blocks from the Peoria Civic Center and adjacent to the Veterans’ Clinic, and Senior World.   We are minutes from all area hospitals, downtown Peoria, shopping malls, O’Brien (Baseball) Field, and convenient to public transportation.  see more (click)
Longfellow Plaza 319 E 12th Street Anderson, IN, 46016

Longfellow Plaza  319 E 12th Street
Anderson, IN, 46016

Our buildings comprise the campus that housed the historic Longfellow Elementary School.  Closed in 1982, the school had served the Anderson community since 1927  see more (click)
Southdale Tower 524 W 53rd Street, Anderson, IN, 46013

Southdale Tower
524 W 53rd Street
Anderson, IN, 46013

Our residents enjoy frequent parties, potluck suppers, bingo, and other activities which are held in the community room. Our community actively participates in RHF’s Project H.A.N.D.S. Southdale Tower is an affordable, older adult (62+) community with several apartments equipped to accommodate those who are mobility impaired. see more (click)
Yellowwood Terrace

Yellowwood Terrace
2100 Greentree North
Clarksville, IN, 47129

Yellowwood Terrace, situated on 8 acres of land in peaceful southern Indiana, is located in historical Clark County, which is named after the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Louisville, Kentucky is a short 10 miles away. Grocery stores, medical facilities and various restaurants are all nearby. Frequent parties, potluck suppers & bingo see more (click)
Click here to view more Vacant Apartments . . .   See more HUD 202 Subsidized Apartments with vacancies

Housing Options for Seniors on a Budget . . .

Option  ONE: HUD Section 202/LIHTC

The HUD 202 Elderly Housing Program is NOT the HUD Housing Voucher program.  The 202 voucher is attached to the apartment, not the individual.

The HUD 202 & LIHTC Programs work better for alot of reasons.   First, new buildings are going up all the time, so there is a growing number of units available.  Second, the program works like rent control.  If the renter moves into assisted care, passes, moves in with relatives or finds a place he likes better, his unit goes on the market and the subsidy with it.

We, as seniors, can work together and achieve a great deal more than individually.  Each project has its own leasing department.  One of our great assets as seniors is our calm friendly attitude.  After a lifetime of social interaction, most of us can be real charmers when we need to be.

Make an appointment, go in and get the real story.  After you have gotten your name on the list for your perfect apartment, you should share your experiences with the rest of us.   in the individual listing in "Ads" section in the chat area following each listing [LINK].     There are over 36,000 202/ LIHTC facilities in the US.  If we could all find out about just one or two facilities, it would be light work.  

The next step is eligibility.  The apartment manager is going to make the usual checks, like a credit check and possibly a criminal background check.  You will have to qualify with income below 50% of the average for that county in which the apartment is located.  You can click on the banner below (its usually about $20,000 to $24,000 a year).

Option  Two: HUD Housing Vouchers  . . .
The HUD Housing Choice Voucher Program helps about 1,000,000 seniors by paying their rent that exceeds 30% of their income.  The program is open to seniors who are over 62 and earn below about $24,000 a year. Here is a calculator to determine the limit in your county or parish:  [2015 Income Limits].  There are no new vouchers being issued by HUD, so new retirees must wait for existing recipients to leave the program.  This attrition generates about 100,000 new slots annually.  Every senior should sign up for the program if they qualify.   You will find large cities like New York and L.A. no longer even admit people to the waiting list while smaller counties are more likely to have a slot.  You must present an address in the county when you apply and the voucher is only good for HUD approved housing in the county.  Any apartment or house which meets HUD standards can be approved by HUD (including a mother-in-law suite built by your children).  Here is a map of the local HUD/County agent in your area:

Map of in the United States


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